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Owner Ernesto "Giovanni" Perna is a 4th generation contractor with over 20 years experience. Our company is dedicated to providing superior quality and service each and every time.  Perna Landscaping works hard to make sure that our customers get exactly what they expect.

Giovanni - I was introduced to the trades industry by my father, Ernie Perna Jr. at a young age. My father taught me how to communicate with clients to create long term and trusting relationships. He showed me how to work with reputable supply companies to ensure a perfect product quality for our customers.  I think the most important part of what my dad taught me was to "Show up on time, do what you say and finish what you started." Plus many more lessons.

As the owner and president of Perna Landscaping I want to provide each of our clients with superior quality and carry down a family standard to my children. 
Ernest James Perna Jr. has been involved in the trade industry his entire life and was introduced by his father. Ernie Jr. learned quality and worked to provide superior customer service throughout his years as a young man. He continued those standards all through college, getting married to Elizabeth (mom), and succeeded two children. My father is still considered to be my most trusted counselor and best friend, not to mention my best man in my wedding. Now in his sixty's he still does not show any signs of slowing down. Ernie Perna Jr. still sets a prime example of true hard work and quality we know our customers expect.